Sick of playing the online dating game? Passionate about fitness and want to meet someone in real life? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to SpeedFit Dating Los Angeles.

SpeedFit Dating is a fun and fresh new twist on dating in LA. It is a truly one of a kind group workout experience. We know that the pursuit of fitness brings out the best in people. And we believe that everyone deserves a partner that is passionate about, and supportive of, this pursuit.

The mission of SpeedFit Dating LA is to create a space that is fun, safe, energetic, and playful. One that will lead to authentic connections between like-minded individuals.

“You will never meet anyone by standing still. We get people moving… with and toward that special someone!”Jeb Stone


Each of our speed-dating experiences begins with a fun 10 minute icebreaker. This allows participants to get at ease before they start interacting more closely with each other. The purpose of the icebreaker is to warm up and settle in, there won’t be any advanced moves (and no pressure) to show off.

“The warm-up session is always a great opportunity for participants in the speed-dating session to get out of their own head and relax before the main event begins!”George Symmes, Los Angeles


It will be different every night, but expect some functional movements that are accessible to all levels of experience. The goal here is for everyone to get a great workout and still have energy to get to know each other in an active context. Every 5-10 minutes throughout the experience, participants will rotate and partner up with a new person.

“The workouts are SO much fun. Even if I meet someone and we get together, I’m still tempted to sign up again because it’s a different, fun-filled, group experience every night!”Brian Michael-Glass, Los Angeles


At the conclusion of the experience, we will do a series of cool-down exercises as a group. While this is happening, you will be indicating on your sheet who you found interesting and if there is a mutual match, we will contact both of you via email the next day!

“I only got one match my first time attending, but it was a quality match! I think this kind of event reduces the amount of noise and filtering you have to go through when you normally date people you meet online.”Karen Stone, Los Angeles

Upcoming Events

FREE! Straight SpeedFit Dating (Ages 20-39)

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Held in Westwood, this is our premier program for eligible 20-39 year old straight singles! Click the button below to be directed to where you can sign up.

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FREE! GAY MEN SpeedFit Dating (Ages 20-39)

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Held in Westwood, this is our premier program for eligible 20-39 year gay singles! Click the button below to be directed to where you can sign up.

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  • Eligible for any date (you will choose at checkout)
  • Eligible for straight or Gay speed-dating
  • If folks love you, come back again at a discount
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  • 4 tickets for any event date (must be the same date!)
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  • Eligible for straight or gay speed-dating
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The answer to this is nearly always YES. This is NOT meant to be a crazy, hardcore workout, but rather, to be a series of fun physical activities done with the goal of getting to know each participant. There will be participants of all levels attending. The activities will not be designed to exploit your physical aptitude relative to everyone else.
We’ve found that the optimal event size is 20. For straight events, we try to split evenly between men and women. Each event lasts approximately 90 minutes.
You will receive an email noting the location and time of the event. When you show up the night of the event, we will have you check in and sign a brief waiver, then the fun will begin! If you have any questions, see the “Contact Us” section and we will be happy to address!
At the end of the event, everyone will have the opportunity to note who they’d like to get to know better in a 1-1 context. If there is a mutual match, we will connect the both of you via email the next day!
If you sign up, the tickets are refundable until one week prior to the event. Email us using the email address in the Contact Form and we will happily take care of you! Even if it is less than one week prior to the event, please let us know so that we can coordinate the event. Having a good male/female ratio for our straight speed-dating events is important.

Additional Questions? No problem

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    Email us directly at speedfitdating@gmail.com for a speedy reply

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    On the run? Call us at 310-853-3761



Real-Life Dating in a Fun Context

Say goodbye to the online apps, hook-ups, and dates who aren’t likely to share your interests.

No pressure, really

This is meant to be a fun activity for all involved. It is NOT meant to be an intense workout, but rather, a way to meet someone special in real-life in a fun, active context.

We're here for you

Let us know if you have any questions. Our goal is to hold events regularly so that we can help fitness minded individuals like us find love!